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You’re invited…

to celebrate the first day of summer with the First Annual, Catalina Wine Mixer!

Featuring All Star DJ’s, Stevie G, Sam “Mayday” Malone & Kid Pallin and they will be spinning some of the greatest beach records ever.

Hope to see you there!
June 20th, 7:30 PM
City Winery
155 Varick

10 Best Tracks of 2010’s First Half (plus one for good luck)

To help you enjoy your 4th of July weekend, here’s my list–in alphabetical order–of the 11 best tracks of the 1st half of 2010.

Airplanes–B.o.B. fear. Hayley Williams
All My People–Portugal The Man
Dirtee Disco–Dizzee Rascal
The Happiest Lamb–Audra Mae
The High Road–Broken Bells
Love The Way You Lie–Eminem feat. Rihanna
Rill Rill–Sleigh Bells
Somewhere In Brooklyn–Bruno Mars
Statistics–Lyfe Jennings
Tighten Up–The Black Keys
What’s In It For–Avi Buffalo

- Steve Greenberg

Disco Belt NYC:

If you’re in NYC Monday night and not too exhausted after your Memorial Day weekend, come over to the Ace Hotel for DISCO BELT, hosted by Diane Birch, featuring yours truly as DJ along with Ariel Stark-Benz. (In my set, I’ll only be playing disco records from 1974-1975–the dawn of disco.)

It runs from 9pm-midnight. See details in the attached flyer.

Have a great weekend,
disco belt

The Best 100 Singles of the Past Decade

Bob Dylan, when told that his record “Like a Rolling Stone” had topped a Rolling Stone Magazine poll as “Greatest Single of All Time,” famously responded “Well…this week.”

Last December, I made a preliminary list of my favorite singles of 2008, following annual lists I had distributed to friends for the two previous years. I didn’t find time to distribute the list by year’s end but in March 2009 I decided “better late than never” and went back to complete the list in order to send it out. But what I found upon revisiting the list in March was that many of my favorite singles of 2008 weren’t the same ones I had liked best the previous December. Some of the songs from late in the year that had seemed exciting at the time failed to retain their appeal. Likewise, some songs from the first part of the year which I had grown tired of by December began to reassert themselves. This exercise revealed the truth of Dylan’s quip; clearly, “best of” lists are merely a snapshot of something that is ever changing over time.

And so, with regard to my “100 Best Singles Of The Past Decade” list, I am acutely aware that a list of my favorite songs of, say, 2003, compiled today is a different batch than a list of my favorite songs of 2003 compiled in 2003, or for that matter, in 2007 or 2015. Likewise with those that made the list from this past year. Recent songs that seem exciting today might fade into oblivion; overplayed anthems might transcend their time to achieve classic status. Like most everyone else, I never want to hear “I’ve Got a Feeling” by The Black Eyed Peas again—except one day it will be played and I’ll say “Now that’s an amazing record,” the same way I did the first time I heard it last spring. I’ve included it on my list, even though I never want to hear it again–at the moment.

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