You’ll Be Mine — The Pierces (Why is this out in the UK, but not the US? They’re American!)

We Almost Lost Detroit — Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. (great cover of the Gil Scott-Heron song)

Hello — Martin Solveig feat. Dragonette (Maybe this is the best track of the first half of the year)

Two Against One — Danger Mouse & Daniel Luppi feat. Jack White (or maybe this is)

‘Til The End of Time — Timothy Bloom feat. V (Best old-schoolish R&B slow jam)

Mr. Saxobeat — Alexandra Stan (Euro-dance summer holiday track of the year)

Wotless — Kes The Band (Best 2011 Trinidad Carnival song)

Grenade — Bruno Mars (probably the defining artist of the year so far)

Coming Home — Diddy -Dirty Money & Skylar Grey (guilty pleasure)

Lay It Down — Lloyd feat. Patti LaBelle (non-commercially released remix)

The Edge of Glory — Lady GaGa (I put this on the list in tribute to the Big Man)

No One Can Touch Us Tonight — JJ (embarrassed to say I found out about this from NY Mag’s Approval Matrix)

If You Wanna — The Vaccines (Best Britrock track)

Rolling In The Deep — Adele (Was on my Best of 2010 list, but now feels more like 2011 record)

The Show Goes On — Lupe Fiasco (Also was on my Best of 2010 list, but now feels more like a 2011 record)

Disqualified from the list because they are on our own label, but really great nonetheless:
Keep Your Head Up — Andy GrammerFriday Is Forever — We The Kings